Ways to repair and recover Outlook PST file

The latest and best information manager tool is Microsoft Outlook. It is really true that Microsoft Outlook is a widely used and popular email client among the personal and business applications. Most of users are switched to the Microsoft Outlook because it manages the information in a systematic manner. It makes very easy to manage contacts, appointments, journals, contacts, meeting requests, calendar events, notes, etc.

All data used to store on Outlook, are saved in a single file known as PST file. In the beginning, when the user started to utilize Outlook, the PST file size is very less but now as technology changed, more and more data can be stored on Outlook. Earlier the PST file size is up to 2 GB. If you store data even after the PST file has exceeded its maximum size, and then it can automatically get corrupt. Then, you may lose all emails and other data that you had stored on Outlook. It can be a heart breaking scenario for any Outlook user.

At this situation, normally Outlook users go for scanpst tool present in Microsoft Outlook application that can repair only minor damages of PST file. It will fail to recover oversized PST file. But using Outlook PST Repair software you can repair corrupt Outlook PST which is oversized.

Apart from oversized PST file, it can also get corrupt due to some other reasons, a few of them are explained below.

  • Abrupt termination of Outlook: Failure of power supply suddenly or closing the Microsoft Outlook suddenly while it is performing some other tasks can increases the chances of PST file corruption.
  • Sharing PST file over network: Accessing the same PST file over network by the multiple users, at a same time, can make the changes in the file and which can results in PST file corruption.
  • Virus attack on your computer: The virus can enter in your system through removable drives or browsing some third party websites and they can corrupt the PST file or sometimes the virus can delete complete file.

Whatever may be the reason, there is no need to worry as you can repair corrupted PST file and recover all emails, using Outlook PST Repair Software. There are many PST repair applications on internet but you need to take care while selecting the recovery application. This is because usage of inappropriate repair application can further damage your PST file and you may not repair it using any other tools. This is because, overwriting of data may occur which leads to permanent data loss. So, it is advisable to have knowledge regarding recovery software.

Outlook PST repair software is a powerful and efficient, especially designed for Microsoft Outlook users. It can recover emails and any other information stored on Outlook PST file, within few minutes. It supports email recovery on various versions of Outlook like Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010.

You can also check performance of the software using demo version before purchasing it. The demo version of the software allows you to review all Microsoft Outlook recovered items but to save them you need to purchase the licensed version of the software.