Tips to recover images from Mac

You may lose your priceless images due to many caused like accidental deletion of images, deletion of volumes, formatting of the drive or volume, improper shutdown of the system while transferring images, virus attack, file system corruption, software failure and improper file saving procedure. If your images are corrupted you will not be able to access images from the drive. However, if you have deleted/lost images don’t worry you can easily recover photos by choosing any good image recovery software.

When you delete photos from Mac hard drive it does not gets completely deleted from the hard drive. Only the pointer to the files are deleted from the file directory and marks that space as free space and allows you to create and save new images. This could lead to overwriting your old deleted images with new images. However, you can still find the deleted images present on the drive which you can be able to access from the hard drive. It is possible to recover photos from Mac with the help of image recovery tool.

Steps to recover photos:

To recover photos you need a good image recovery software before recovering you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Immediately stop using the hard drive for further to create and save new images this could lead to overwriting deleted photos.
  • If you have deleted images from other storage devices like memory card, SD card etc remove the card from the camera and store it safely until you recover photos from it.
  • Do not install any new restore application to the drive.

Search the internet for best image recovery software. Read the articles and blogs about the application. Ensure the software should be able to recover photos from different file types like JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF and including RAW file formats. Make sure the utility allows you to preview recovered images before saving. Preview option helps to find deleted images easily and makes image recovery efficient. Download the free trial version of the application to validate the capability of the application. Follow the steps given below to recover photos.

  • Attach the hard disk drive to a working system as a secondary hard drive.
  • Install the application on the system
  • Run the tool to retrieve photos from Mac operating system
  • follow the instruction  to recover photos

Note: Do not save the recovered images on the same volume.