Steps to Recover Lost Drive Data

Suppose you transferring data from one file to other file, during this file transferring suddenly your system get shutdown due to power off. Next time when you restart your system and you want to access your data then that time you come to know that there is no file is available where you want to transfer and from where you accessing those data. You searched everywhere in drive, in recycle bin but no use it is not available on that drive. In such case what you will do? Because your data is not available anywhere and the data which you lost that is very important data, at any cost you want it back. In such case there is the only one way to retrieve your lost data is by using drive recovery software.

The hard drive recovery software helps you to store all lost, deleted data from hard drives. But you should aware that how data loss occurs and what are the other reasons behind these data loss. There are lot of different scenarios are present like, errors during formatting of drives, and improper suddenly shutdown of system. Most common scenarios which you face some of those are like,

  • During the re-partitioning of hard drive if any interruption occurs then it may lead to inaccessibility of hard data.
  • You may delete your stored files accidentally by using Shift+Delete keys.
  • Fluctuation in power supply may causes to deletion of files.
  • Files get delete due to using third party tool.

These are some above mentioned reasons due to which you may lose your stored data you can recover drive data by using data recovery software. But still you have time to avoid data loss by taking care of some precautions. Some of those are like,

  • Always try to keep updated antivirus in your system to avoid virus infection to the files in the system.
  • Keep backup of your important files from the system which you can use anytime when you need it.
  • Always try to turn off your system in proper way to avoid data loss.
  • Make sure before transferring file that where you wanted to transfer there is sufficient space is available.

These are some precautions you need to take, oo avoid data loss. But still there are some people who might be lost their data. For those people they can use this data recovery software. The software helps to recover data from formatted hard drive, and the data which is lost during the re-installation of the OS. It is the one of the best recovery tool to restore all your lost data effortlessly. The software is user friendly. There is no need of technical knowledge to use this software all steps to recover data are mentioned in the manual with snapshots. You can download free demo version of the software to preview your recovery results. The software is very much efficient to recover drive data from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc, memory cards, memory stick, etc. The software supports OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 & 2008 servers.