Steps Involved in Enabling, Disabling and Managing ‘Autoplay’ on Windows 10

What is ‘Autoplay’?

‘Autoplay’ comes into action when you supposed to make use of the media files on the different media player. Users like to have this feature as many may not like to change it for every time for the different media files. Sp here in this concept, you may need of this feature that is Autoplay option which will help to play the files one after the other.

In Windows 10, you may find the option as it is an inbuilt option for making use of this feature. As Windows 10 come up with many new features, in these this Autoplay is one of them and recently it was but now it is developed with an impressive technique. Autoplay Popup can be seen on the screen of the Windows 10, when you insert DVD or Memory card or any DVD. This Autoplay helps you to detect the disc without the involvement of the user and takes any kind of action which is needed. So it is good and may be very useful to you if you learn how to perform enabling, disabling and also managing this feature thing on Windows 10.

Steps to be follow while Enabling and Disabling of Autoplay on Windows 10:
• First you need to go for the setting and then you may find many options like System, Devices, Network and Internet, personalization, Accounts and Time language.
• In all of that options. Click for the Device and in that you may find the Autoplay option on the screen under Device option, if it enable then make the disable and if it disable, then make enable as vice versa
• This is how you can change the Autoplay and save the changes before coming out of the screen, so that the modification made should be activated.
• You can even manage the things such as you can completely make this facility disable and also you can customize it.

Make Enabling and Disabling Autoplay in Control Panel:
• As the same process which involve in enabling and disabling of ‘Autoplay’ option should be use as it is here in the Control Panel to get activated.
• Open the Control Panel from the start menu of Windows 10 and then you may find the options like Administrative Tool, Autoplay, Backup and Restore, Bit Locker Drive Encryption, Color management, Credential manager, Date & Time, Default programs, Device manager and finally Device and Printers.
• Out of all, you need to select the Autoplay as you need to change the setting of it, Click on it and modify it and save before exit.