Sorting out your Outlook Inbox after a malware attack

The worst thing about most virus and malware attacks is the way that they are able to rewrite your programs so as to operate their own functions. For example, a virus-infected e-mail downloaded and installed into your Microsoft Outlook PST file can suddenly send out a clone of itself from your e-mail address to hundreds of thousands of others. They, in turn, are corrupted and continue the chain of viral damage. Positively best way to deal with this type of problem is to always use an Outlook backup program so that you can simply replace the corrupted application with a non-damaged one. But too often the computer virus attacks before we have a chance to do a quality backup. We are then forced to use the PST recovery programs.

These applications designed to assist us to recover Outlook PST information work in many ways. Some are designed to simply cut down the size of the Outlook PST file so as to eliminate the damaged sectors. When file corruption has occurred primarily in the file headers or file creation tables of the PST file we can use a valid file comparison replacement script to remove the virus information.