Solving the underlying problem of the Windows error screen

Attempting to start up your computer and discovering it has a crashed hard drive is probably the most frustrating problem one can ever have with a PC. Usually this difficulty seems to come out of nowhere. The night before you use your computer and everything seems fine, you shut down your PC only to discover in the morning that instead of seeing the Windows welcome screen you are looking at a bright blue text screen telling you that magically you are missing files needed to start your computer. Unbelievably the files you need are missing from your computer’s hard drive and you cannot start your computer so as to replace them.

The only way to replace these missing and damaged files is to reload your particular version of Windows. But reloading Windows will reformat your hard drive and delete from that drive all of your precious saved files. This situation calls for crashed hard drive recovery, that is the rescue of any stored or archived files on a hard drive prior to installing the Windows operating system. This type of disk recovery is rather simple but you will need to download a third party file recovery software program.