Software to Recover Data from Raw Partition

Raw Partition is the state of hard drive partition in which you are unable to access the data saved on the partition. This can be a cause of human mistake or any technical fault. When drive partition is become raw, then partition become inaccessible, but the data saved on it is exist on the partition. However, you might become nervous after facing such raw partition error. To overcome from raw partition situation, you need to format your drive partition but it will remove your complete data from the partition.

No need to worry if you have lost significant data due to raw partition format. Data from raw drive partition can be recovered with the help of an effective data recovery tool such as Raw Partition Recovery. It is the powerful and cost effective software for recovering data from raw partition with utmost ease. It is introduced by group of technical IT experts and added with simple GUI, so that a non-technical user can also use this app and easily recover their data easily.

Most Common Factors behind Raw Partition:

Partition Errors: Any interruption while creating a new drive partition or extending or shrinking the size of existing partitions can cause to raw and you are unable to access the data saved on the partition.

Full Hard Drive: Saving data on completely full hard drive partition can also be a reason behind it is becoming raw. In this process, data is not saved on partition successfully because of insufficient memory space and lead to raw partition.

File System Conversion Error: While changing the file system of an existing partition, if any kind of interruption occurs by which this conversion process get terminated, then it will turn drive partition into raw.

Other Causes: Incorrect format, Virus attack, file system corruption, drive defragmentation, system shutdown improperly, MBR corruption, etc. can also lead to raw partition.

This universal application can perform complete recovery of data from raw drive partition until the has not been overwritten by new files. It is the safest and secured app to retrieve data from raw partition without altering original files.

Features of Raw Partition Recovery Application:

  • It is incorporated with superior scanning methodologies to do complete scanning of raw partition and get back each file as it was before.
  • Raw Partition Recovery tool allows you to restore files from partition based on their file name, file size, signature and date of file creation easily.
  • It has enough power to get back drive partition data which can have any file systems including FAT32, HFS, FAT16, NTFS5, HFS+ and NTFS easily.
  • It is not limited to hard drive partitions, it can retrieve data from SD cards, XD cards, Pen Drive, USB drives, external hard drives, etc. You can recover various types of files from raw partition like photos, RAR file, ZIP file, Word, audios and videos.
  • You can use this Raw Partition Recovery tool to get back data from hard drive partition as well as from RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 drive partitions without any more difficulty.
  • This hassle-free software supports hard drive partition data recovery which can be developed by any world leading brand, including Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, etc. on MS Windows and Mac OS based computers.