Simple Way to Recover Data from Hard Drive Partition

Suppose, you have a personal computer with Windows operating system. In order to use the enhanced features of the Windows 7 operating, you decided to upgrade your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. Suddenly, while upgrading the operating system an error message “unidentified file system- format your drive partition now” was generated which made the device unbootable. Later, in order to boot the OS and access your important data you formatted your Windows hard drive partition. This made you to suffer severe loss of your valuable data saved in the hard drive partition.

Now, you are worried and thinking that your entire data lost permanently, but it’s not the case data after formatting the hard drive will not be lost forever. The operating system deleteS only the pointer and marks the space as free to add new data. Avoid using the formatted drive partition to store any new file as this will overwrite your original data which makes data recovery impossible. However, if you have not added any files, then try Unformat Windows Data tool which can effectively restore the lost data from formatted Windows hard drive partition.

Windows operating system is designed by Microsoft. It comes up with various versions like Vista, Win 7, XP and Win 8. Most of the people format their Windows hard drive partition because formatting creates a storage medium which allows you to store wide range of digital information on the hard drive of system. These hard disk drives further divide the memory into multiple tracks and sectors called partitions which helps you to separate system files from application files.

In this growing world of digital technology losing data from any data storage device has become a major issue. Here are few more reasons of data loss which you may face in future.

Reason for data loss from Windows hard drive partition:

  • Deletion of significant files and folders from Windows drive partitions when the user formats the hard disk in order to make system free from viruses.
  • Data loss from Windows hard drive partition when the user formats their hard drive to speed up system performance and delete some of the waste applications present on the hard drive.
  • During re-installation of OS, due to some registry errors you may tend to format your hard drive partition which in turn causes loss of valuable data.
  • Accidentally formatting wrong partition containing important data during multiple operating system installation may also lead to data loss.
  • Abrupt termination of your personal computer while transferring files may corrupt the data structure of the stored files resulting in loss of data.
  • In case, if you eject your storage device improperly without using safely remove hardware option, then this may corrupt the file system and thus leading to data loss.

The reason behind losing data may differ but the ultimate result will be same i.e. loss of your important data. Thus, after data loss because of any of the reasons mentioned above just go for some powerful data recovery software to get back your lost data from formatted hard drive. Unformat Windows Data tool can efficiently unformed Windows at faster speed by making use of necessary data recovery modules. This tool can easily work on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions. By using this software you can undelete data after quick formatting of hard disk on all the versions of Windows operating system. This utility also supports data recovery on various kinds of digital data storage devices like USB drives, iPods, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards etc. by few clicks of your mouse.