Simple rules to follow for successful flash memory file recovery

When attempting to recover photos from corrupted flash drive media or to recover photos from corrupted memory stick media there are a few basic data recovery rules to follow. The first and most important rule of data recovery is that you should immediately stop using that device until the scan for recovery is complete. If you use digital media such as a memory stick and place new movies on that device the new information overwrites the old and effectively erases your archived files. This cuts your chance of a successful recovery down to only 10%. Whereas, if you attempt that same data recovery process without overwriting the files your success rate would be well into the 90th percentile.

The next rule to remember when attempting to recover photos or other files from digital media is to try to avoid reformatting that media until after you have rescued your files. Reformatting a USB flash drive, memory stick, or any other type of digital storage media such as your computer’s hard drive automatically deletes all of the files stored. This of itself does not negate data recovery but it does complicate the process.