How to Shred the Files from Windows 7 and Recycle Bin

Windows 7 is an Operating System introduced by Microsoft with different features in it which makes user-friendly. Sometimes you might be thinking to delete confidential data from your Windows system. One day your data in your pc might get oversized and you might be deleted data. Many people at some point in time decide to recycle, sell or give away their old computer or any other storage device to some third party companies or users; As their computer had much private information like Project Documents, Bank details, Credit card information, Photographs, and Emails, so data security became a prime concern, so you will delete the files from your Windows system. However, deleted files can be easily recovered back with the help of File Recovery Software. If you want to sell your system, then this could be dangerous for you. Now you might be confused on how to shred deleted files? Don’t worry now you can sell your windows system to any thirty party users on shredding your data by using the software file shredder for windows 7

This file Shredder Software is developed for the Windows computer users who either want to delete the data permanently or sell their PC. This tool overwrites your confidential data with junk files so that restoring the data is not possible. Your data is very safe as this file shredder tool overwrite up to 38 times. You can also use this tool for erasing data from your all portable devices like Flashcard, pen drive, external hard drives and so on. File shredder tool provides nine shredding methods and these methods are categorized into different levels for erasing the file.

This tool is very attractive and nice user interface. This tool uses a very highly advance and complex algorithm which is developed by veteran software professional using the specification defined by the software industry. You can delete almost all types of data using this software in just a matter of second with ease. You can use its menu option to select a file which you want to shred from your system. You can use its menu option to select a file which you want to shred from your system. It comes with a schedule, which you can use to schedule for shredding your files from storage drive at a particular specified time as per your convenient.