How to repair avi file

Have you come across the situation that your video player refuses to play AVI file? If you’re thinking and getting disappoint that file is not playing. You should not panic at any of such circumstances because, with the help of AVI file repair tool, you can fix damaged AVI file which may become unapproachable due to several reasons. Yup an inaccessible AVI video file can simply be converted as strong file.

Are you not able to fix corrupt AVI files or AVI file is not behaving as it did before?

Actually, AVI file reflects unpredictable nature when it gets corrupt due to several factors like synchronization error during transferring files between computer and other removable media, virus attack to AVI files, file system error etc. As soon as you find that AVI file corrupted or broken after such disaster use AVI file repair software and get back your files healthy as it was before. For more information how to repair the damaged AVI files visit

The most general and common factors about broken AVI file scenarios:

  • Inappropriate ejection of memory card: When you are transferring AVI files to your computer from memory card and suddenly someone ejects the card unpredictably, then there is chances of files get damage or broken severely.
  • Virus intrusion: Many of the users download video files from internet or when you are running your system without antivirus or unauthorized antivirus tool, chances are there that an AVI file may get corrupt. AVI video file won’t play when it is infected by virus.
  • Video player crash: Many times while playing an AVI video file, if the video player program crashes at the middle due to some technical problem then it may cause the file to break. And next time player refuses to play such AVI files.
  • Unacceptable shutdown: You store large amount of important and personal information on your system which contains AVI files also. In case AVI files are playing when you shutdown your system, it may affect the files resulting in corruption of AVI file.
  • Header corruption: Header of a file contains the information related to size of file, creation date, last modification time etc. Header of a file can be damaged due to several reasons such as sudden power failure, improper shut down of the system when AVI file is in open mode.

All earlier discussed cases are a handful of very general reasons due to which, most of the users come across AVI file corruption. However, if any of the user come across such situations then there is no need to get irritate, while there is tool available like AVI file repair software. This tool handles all above listed conditions very efficiently to repair your important files, movies, videos, and so on.

This application has built with powerful algorithm to repair corrupt AVI files within few minutes from the hard drive, memory card and other storage devices. You can repair video files that are unplayable on video player, smart phones and other digital media devices. This software is designed with built in preview option to view the repaired files before saving it. Along with AVI files, this tool helps to fix XVID video files and DIVX files that do not play smoothly or do not play at all. This tool helps you to repair and adjoins audio and video stream side by side. Fixed AVI files can be played on both Windows and Mac operating system. This application provides you very simple and easy user interface not much technical knowledge is required by you to operate the software. The whole process of installation takes only few steps.

The demo version is available to check its ability. Just once download the trial version and execute it, when you execute, it is going to repair all corrupted AVI files to make them visible, so that you can access the damaged files. If you want to save the damaged files then you have to purchase the software.