How to recover data from formatted exFAT partition?

Extended File Allocation Table is named as exFAT. It is also known as FAT64 and it does not take advanced sort of FAT32 file systems. It is compatible with hard drives of larger capacity. This file system takes the provision of OEM parameters and also offers Coordinated Universal Timestamp. This file system can also be able to take Access Control List (ACL) along with disk space management. Primarily it is only designed for flash storage drives like SD cards, memory cards, USB devices, external drives as well as for media devices and image editing devices. It supports media devices like flat panels and media players. Operating Systems like Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion supports exFAT file system.

It enhances custom extensions through custom based metadata structures. exFAT has limited support or no support for systems aside from Mac OS X. In exFAT, data input-output presentation is very little as when compared to FAT32 or any other version. It supports less quantity of files per sub-directory when compared with NTFS. The devices which are formatted as exFAT can’t be used with Or windows 7. Although it has the right features but there’s the chance of data loss. The Window recover tool has a file type view option which helps in recovering data on the basis of file extension and data View provides the hierarchical view of files and folders similar to Windows explorer.
Causes due to which data are lost

• If you would like to format “/D” drive, but by chance you might have selected “/C” drive.

• If you have no space in the recycle bin, then data will bypass the Windows recycle bin and lost.
• Suddenly fragmentation occurs unknowingly may result loss of data.
• Due to changing the file system and converting partition from basic to dynamic.
• When transferring files to relocate free space inside the partition could cause loss of data.
• Formatting it considering it to become a restoration from system restore CD given by the PC vendors.
• When improperly shuts one’s body may lead to inaccessible partitions or drives.
• Due to power surge and absence of anti-virus, you may lose data.
• In order to use more than one Operating System in a system, sometimes may cause to data loss.

If you have deleted files or formatted your hard drive, then how you can recover exFAT data? Then you’ll consider backup files. In case you won’t get the total data from the backup then what will you do? So, the most effective way which is Windows file recovery software, in which you will get your previously deleted data. Now of your energy quite sure is most required to get your important documents back. You are able to restore data from formatted exFAT partition by using tools. Then you should know that how the application works.

Way to recover data from partitions/Drives

You should install the Recover Windows software after selecting the option i.e. recover partitions  or recover drives. Then select Partition Recovery button and then recover deleted / lost partition. Next, one physical drive along with other partitions/drives is going to be shown in the system. Then follow on the drive that you want to recover data and press “next”. It’ll start scanning and definately will give two options i.e. file type view and knowledge view. If you’ll wish to have more data then you can use smart scan option for more data. Then you can definitely preview the recovered data. Later it will save the recovered data by purchasing the whole application. At the end you can check the recovered file by selecting “Open Recovery Session”.