Get Detailed Information About Configuration of Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer for a Group Policy

Active directory is nothing but a directory service developed by Microsoft Company for Window domain networks to administer large group of computers very easily. Group policy is one such magic behind the active directory i.e. group policies are the rules that allows or denies anything on the computer machine. As a network administrator if you use group policy to push out rules and regulations to your networked computers then these rules tells the machine what type of applications to be allowed to run or what sites can be trusted in Internet Explorer.

If you are new to group policy and want to add trusted site using group policy then don’t worry, here you will get detailed information about how to add trusted sites in Internet Explorer. Now let us consider a scenario that you have 270 networked computers and you want to add trusted sites using group policy. This can be done in two ways either you can walk to each of them manually and add a trusted site list or you can push it out all of them in a single shot.

How to Add Trusted Sites to Internet Explorer Using Group Policy?        

  • Go to Start menu and redirect to “Program Files” option, from there click on “Administrative Tools” and choose “Active Directory Users and Computers” option.
  • If you want to apply the group policy for each and every domain right clicks at the top of the console. Now the domain is specified by three computers. If you want to apply the policy for other group or organizational unit, right click on that instead. Now let us assume that you are using an organizational unit called editors. Now choose the properties from the context menu.
  • Now click on the Group Policy tab and then click on the Open button. Now this will take you to group policy and this is called as group policy management tool. The organizational unit will already be highlighted. Now right click on that and choose “Create and Link a GPO Here” option. This will take you to some place where you can type some policy name. Now type the policy name and click OK.
  • Now set the settings to trick down to your clients. Locate the group policy and right click on it. Now select Edit option. Now drill down to the settings which you want to set by following the procedure. First go to the Computer Configuration >Administrative Tools > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page and then double click on the zone assignment list in the right pane.
  • Double click on Site to Zone Assignment List. Now you will see a Window to enable settings. Now click enabled and then click on Show option. On the show contents screen click Add.
  • By clicking Add option you can add url’s and specify what zone you want to keep them and click OK option.