Easy ways to restore lost files from Recycle Bin

Different Computer users have different needs, an accountant needs to work on excel spread sheets, a novel writer might make use of word documents similarly a photographer deals with varied photo formats. Depending on the profession a person is in to, the task is performed on the files which make working easier, faster and smoother. Therefore, files are important to any user individually or on an organizational level.  These files are stored on your computer’s hard disc and are accessible any time you want to work with them.

Anyone who works on computer is well aware of the inconsistency a computer may suffer, which may lead to complex file loss situations.

As users are usually aware of the location of their important files, they can access them easily. But the problem steps up when a user is unable to locate any of these files. Files may be lost mistakenly by a user or due to some other logical errors. When a user faces these cases the first question that arises in his/her mind is how to retrieve lost files. To mention some of the scenarios that leads a user to think in the direction are as follows:

  • Accidentally formatting:  Formatting is a very common process which is usually done to fix lot of issues, along with that it also clears all the information of the hard disk. Accidental formatting results in loss of files if the important data is not backed up.
  • Error while creating a new Partition: Partitioning is dividing the drive in different units, so that each partition is treated as a separate drive. Partitions may be created using third-party utilities. The errors in partitioning like error 50, error 626 or error 4 are common errors that users come across; these may results in loss of important data that was present in the drive.
  • Files by passing Recycle Bin: When a user deletes a file from Windows Explorer they are send to Recycle Bin the files in here are restorable as long as they are not cleared from the Recycle Bin. There might be cases when the files are by-passed when either the file size exceeds the space available in the Recycle Bin or if C drive is full the files.


Recycle bin restoration can be performed to get back these lost or deleted files and folders. There are lot more cases when a user may lose a file knowingly or unknowingly. Many users think that once deleted the files are gone forever but the good news is there are software utilities that can scans your hard drives rigorously to retrieve files that are lost. The only care that needs to be taken is to choose able software to perform the recovery.

Remo Recover (Windows) is the best tool that performs this task efficiently and easily. The software comes with enhanced features which make it possible to recover the files that are lost, deleted or missing file from your computer.