Data recovery from hard disk after format

Computer system is the basic need of the people. Nowadays in each home, systems are used for different purposes. The main thing in computer systems is hard disk that is used to keep the data. Security is there in the system that results in keeping the data safe. System keeps the data in hard disk, as this is the fastest mean for accessing and storing of data.

Hard disk somewhere cannot escape from the data loss. Number of times user losses his/her data in minutes. The reasons behind this sometimes are human behavior towards data and sometimes reasons are not known. Few ways are there which results in data loss and in fact, they can be prevented. If in case, you have lost your data and want that data back then what will you do.

There is an option and that is the option of recovery. You can recover data from hard disk  easily. The only thing that you need to remember is, you should avoid overwriting of data on that particular space from where the data was lost. However, what makes you reach to the stage of recovery.

Unwilling format of hard drive done when the data was present in it results in complete data loss. Reformatting of hard disk accomplished when the data was present in it. Connecting the system to that medium which is unsecured can result in virus attack to the system.  These are only countable reasons that results in data loss, apart there are number of reasons that are not even known to you. Few steps can keep you data safe from loss.

Let us see what all precaution towards data has to be taken: –

  • It is good to keep the updated and strong backups in a source to keep the data safe, and can retrieve the data even after complete loss.
  • Better to install an updated antivirus before loss/deletion of files in the system that avoids the virus attack in the system and deletion of files from system.
  • Keep check on the important files inside Recycle Bin before emptying it.
  • Shift delete option is that option which deleted the files skipping the Recycle Bin option then better to see the files before deletion.
  • Power supply to the system must be very strong so that abrupt shut down of a system can be avoided.
  • Adding files to the system must be done using some reliable sources.
  • Before disconnecting the attached device from the system, it is better to use the proper option for disconnecting the source.

Since these precautions have to be taken by the user, but when user fails to follow these precautions due to some reasons, then there is only last option left and that is the option of recovery. To recover the data from hard disk you need to get the software. It is better to download the trial version of the software that is for judging the software on your requirements. If somewhere you are satisfied with the software then you can for the complete download.