Tool to recover Hard drive data

Computers are mainly useful for storing and retrieving data. Hard disks play an important role in doing this. You will find various kinds of hard drives including SATA, SCSI, and IDE etc. Now a day USB drives are used for storing data. These USB drives store data even when the power is not there and can serve as portable storage devices. These hard disk drives and USB drives both use file systems to organize the data. USB drives use FAT16 and FAT32 file systems where hard drives can have any type of file systems like FAT, NTFS or HFS based on the operating system installed on your personal computer or laptops.

Whether it is a hard drive or USB drive, data can be lost in any situation at any time. Are you aware, formatting the drive may also result in loss of data even after taking the backup..? Consider a situation in which you desire to transfer your data from the old PC to your laptop. While achieving this you’ll save the data to your external USB drive. Now, you may format your computer and will try to transfer the items in the USB drive to your laptop. While transferring the contents suddenly your laptop hard disk drive crashes and you take away the USB from the laptop and attempt restoring the files back to your computer. But you will be shocked to see that all the data on your USB device is now inaccessible because of the hard disk crash. You don’t have the backup copy of your data and also you have formatted your computer. For this reason, you have lost all of your data. When such situations arise don’t get panic, think about tools to recover your data which help in recovering the lost data. Make use of a good hard drive recovery program to recover your data. There is one such software/program that will do this for you. The program is Data Recovery software.

While working with computers and data you would run into many such scenarios in which you lose data. Some of the common scenarios are:

  • Formatting / Reformatting the drive: Unintentional formatting is one of the common scenarios due to which a lot of them lose a huge amount of data stored on their computer hard disk. While re-installing the operating system or changing the file system, a user needs to format their hard drive partition. At this point of time users unknowingly format a different partition, which has some important files.
  • File system corruption: Virus infection to the system leads to the file system corruption. For this reason, the data becomes inaccessible
  • Unintentional deletion: when you are deleting a file sometimes you might choose the wrong file for deletion and delete it by using “Shift + delete” and the data will be completely removed. In case of USB drives, the deleted data bypasses the Bin
  • System or hard disk crash also leads to data loss

In all these scenarios this software can be used to recover your data. In addition to this, it can even perform USB hard drive recovery and recover your data from your USB also. It recovers all kinds of files including word, PDFs, videos image files etc. Supports recovery of data from all file systems like FAT, NTFS and HFS. With aid of fast and efficient scanning algorithm, it can scan the entire drive within few minutes. This software can successfully recover data from hard drive after complex problems for example system crash, hard disk drive failure, partition loss, OS re-installation, etc. In order recover your entire important data click this link and install the software on your PC. And follow these few simple steps:

  1. Launch the software, select the “Recover partitions/drives” option as well as in the following window select the appropriate option based on the requirement.
  2. Chose the drive where data needs to be recovered and press “Next”
  3. Scanning process starts, once it completes you can see all your lost files
  4. Before recovering the files you are able to preview them using “Preview” option
  5. Now purchase the software and save all your important files