The Best Disk Wiping Tool

Suppose you wanted to sell your laptop then, what will you do? You just delete all your stored data from laptop hard drive and after that, you will sell your laptop. But question is that is it safe? If you thinking that only by deleting data it will be safest for you then you are totally wrong. Anyone can restore your all deleted data from your laptop by using any hard drive recovery utility. So to avoid this and to delete data from hard drive permanently you can use Wipe disk software. If you erase this software no one can access your deleted data and it is the safest way to erase disk data.

Like laptop hard drive, there is a lot of storage devices we used in our day to day work like memory cards, USB drives, external storage device etc. These all we used to store data. These all storage device contains FAT32 and NTFS file system to store data. When you try to delete data stored in this then it just deletes the address of that file, due to this only the address which is pointing to that data is only get deleted not the stored data which you wanted to delete. Due to this, you are just unable to access data that means data is invisible to you but still it exists on the storage device and anyone can access this data. So it will be very dangerous to you, and your data is not securable even you delete it. Then there is the only way to delete this data in such a way that it should not be recovered by any software and it should be deleting permanently. For this, you have to use Wipe disk software.

There are three steps to delete data permanently from hard disk those are like,

  • Demagnetizing:  In this method, hard drive data get erase in the strong magnetic field. But this is applicable only to the Magnetic storage devices.
  • Physically destroying the disk: In this method, damage your hard drive in such a way that in future hard drive would not be useful if you want to store data again on this hard drive.
  • Overwriting: In this method, your hard drive gets overwritten by other data so data which you want to delete that get deleted permanently.

In these three methods demagnetizing and physically destroying the disk are not proper and good methods to delete data. You can use the third overwriting method to delete data permanently but to use this you have to use Wipe disk drive software.

By using this software you can wipe your hard drive permanently. The software uses different data shredding patterns international disk sanitization standards which help you to recover overwrite the data many times. This software is very easy to use. Anyone can use very easily without any technical knowledge. This software is very safe to use no one can recover once it is deleted your data by using this software. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other Windows OS Server versions. You can download the demo version of this software and you can perform the wiping on hard drive.