Simple Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Folder

Are you frustrated and searching for the way to undelete file and folder? Then you are at right place reading this article carefully, it’ll surely enable you to undelete files and folder from the system. There are several reasons due to which your files and folder from system hard drive, memory card, pen drive, external drive etc. gets deleted or lost because of accidental deletion of files, human error, system errors, hazardous threats, etc. These days, in the technological world it doesn’t matter the way to undelete files and folder because it is easy to restore folder and files by the making use of advanced Undelete Folder software.

Let’s see one the best example how people face the loss of stored files from the system. Consider, you want to format your one of the system drive to make system dual boot. For that you have selected one drive and format it after formatting you recognize that you have formatted wrong drive in which you have stored your important folders that contain important files. Moreover, you don’t have another copy of such formatted drive folders, now what will you do? Which is the best way to undelete folder and files? However, keep in mind that it is possible to sort out this issue and undelete folder quickly by using Undelete Folder software. This utility helps to recover lost, deleted folder and files from, formatted, and re-formatted, hard drives. In order to know more about formatted drive recovery follow this URL:

Some Most Common Reason Behind Folder or File Deletion:

  • Interruption while partitioning and re-partition.
  • Accidental formatting and re-formatting of drive that you have stored essential files.
  • Unknowingly utilization of Shift+ Delete keys.
  • Hazardous threats like virus or malware affection for the hard drive.
  • Abrupt system shut down while accessing files from system.
  • Damage of Windows registry because of virus attack.
  • Corruptions of Windows file system like FAT and NTFS.
  • Corruption of Master Boot Record.

These are the basic situations in places you lose your stored files from hard drive. However, don’t worry, it is possible to recover folder very efficiently by using Undelete Folder program. There are several other functions of this software are explained below,

  • Undelete Folder program is expert in recovery of files even it’s deleted from bin.
  • Recovery of files after accidental format or deletion of files using “Shift+ Delete” options.
  • Even, if you re-installed Windows OS or your Windows system doesn’t boot, then also it helps to recover.
  • If you lost folder because of improper partition or re-partition process, then you can retain folder and files by using Undelete Folder application.
  • By using this software recovery of more than 300 file types can be possible, including its name, size, type and date based on its signature.
  • Undelete Folder software helps to restore deleted or lost files from corrupted file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5, etc.
  • It also supports to recuperate deleted files from different storage mediums like hard disk (SATA/ATA/IDE), memory cards (CF, XD, SD, MMC, and Thumb drive etc.), USB drives, iPods etc.
  • Undelete Folder program is appropriate for Win 7, Win 7, Win Vista, Win 2003 and 2008.