Restoring individual partition data on hard drives

Very often in the world of information technology the terms drive and partition are interchanged. While in a generic sense many of the applicable uses of both terms coincide but they still represent quite different things. Technically a drive is simply the location for digital media storage such as C: or H:. We tend to refer to our hard disk in our computer as C drive. External drives are also referred to by their letter regardless of whenever type of digital media is plugged into that port. In contrast a partition is also a location but it is a location within the device itself.

A hard disk drive is usually divided into several partitions. The advantage to this structure is that should one suffer a catastrophic failure of data to on an entire partition it would not necessarily mean that all of the functionality of the hard drive itself was destroyed. Programs are available that allow one to easily recover formatted partitions. Formatted data recovery is made possible by scanning through all of the file areas of a partition and reconstructing folders and files that had been marked as deleted.