Restore Missing and Broken Emails

I lost some of my emails from my outlook inbox while using an add-on called “Duplicate email remover” which I found in the net. Where else I need a possible way to perform email recovery?

I tried to launch my outlook profile remotely but it crashed regrettably and when I tried to open the outlook it shows application crashed. Give me any tool available that could possibly recover emails file which are lost but still exists some where in the drive?

Where can I find scanpst.exe in my system because I need to repair my damaged PST file which acts in a odd manner due to some virus problems or give me a suggestion for similar tool that is capable of repairing the outlook PST file as well as it should be capable of performing lost email recovery from outlook express?

The outlook is one of the widely used email client application provided by Microsoft to aid the windows user in a reluctant way. This MS Outlook software program comes as a separate program as well as a lone wolf with the MS office package of utilities for office related purposes. The pen-ultimate usage of outlook lies in the running and accessing of the mails and its attributes both in the offline and online work process. And most of all it has several other purposes too like adding contacts and using multiple profiles.

The mail datas and information stored which may be created or embedded using Ms Outlook is saved in the form of a PST file with extension as .PST and it stands for Personnel storage table literally. It is situated in the default logical drive of the mounted windows os. This type of outlook file is completely responsible for the each and every elements found in the outlook profile and other activities of it.

Recover and repair lost and broken emails:

Truncating the emails is one of the custom and a common thing in disk management of emails and messages. Excluding of recuperating the deleted message is not a common scenario which can be completed only with the help of an ultimate email recovery software program. A first-rated PST mending software must be healthy enough to repair the corrupted PST file without making any further damage to the available PST file further more. However one thing to be reserved in mind is there is no option of regaining the account settings of the outlook profile if and only if you had backed up the settings before the crash or at the time of reinstall. Bolt out of the blue software with such capability is provided here.

Why scanpst.exe is not suitable for restoring mails of large content?

The software scanpst.exe is an outlook PST file repair tool given by the Microsoft Inc itself as said above. It is to be found in “C:\program files\Microsoft office\office 12\” in all normally installed ms outlook software. This scanpst will be cooperative only up to a certain point because this scan PST tool does the mending process directly on the source PST file itself which sometimes leads to an everlasting data loss state where the PST file cannot be revamped. And for you it will be a clever choice to prefer PST file repair utility which will not cause any smash up the novel PST file.

Here in this utility several additional features available when compared with the others in the internet.

  • Ø Throughout the mending and recovering process it does not make a use of the actual PST file in its place it takes a copy of the PST file and repairs it successfully.
  • Ø And after victorious repair process it replaces the open PST file but the original can be traced rear which ultimately avoids further harm to the original source file.
  • Ø It has an option to scan for the PST file location for you if you don’t know the actual PST file location.
  • Ø It conservate PST which are sullied due to virus attacks, sudden power off and  using PST file sharing in the network PC’s
  • Ø And it can easily glue compressed and password protected outlook profiles
  • Ø Out of the mainly commonly occurring problems is corruption due to over sized PST files. It can be patched up using this tool without any complexity


In an outlook PST file an element can hold up to only 2 GB of data in it after that it shows error and restricts access. Thus it is suggested to split the extra-large attribute into two or more small attributes.