Repair Zipx

Zipx consists of .zipx, which is the file extension of a compressed file. You can create or open these files by using WinZip or Bitzipper. These files are mainly the zip files, which can be created using advanced compression methods. The most recent utility which supports zipx file extensions is Bit zipper. Zipx files were developed by WinZip and it is the smallest compressed file. These files can be created using advanced version of WinZip. These files include multiple compression methods such as LZMA, PPMd WavPack etc. These compression methods provide very small size archives by using different compression algorithm such as image files can be compressed by using image compression algorithm and multimedia files can be compressed by using different algorithm.

How you can extract zipx files?

Zip files can be easily extracted or open. In order to extract the files, download and install the latest version of Bit zipper or WinZip utility. Then launch the application and click on File>Open. Then browse the location to search the zipx files and select the appropriate zipx file which you need to open or extract. Click on the “Extract To” option of the utility and choose your preferred location to extract the compressed zipx files. But sometimes due to incomplete extraction of zipx files it gets corrupted. Let us discuss some of the common scenarios of zipx file corruption and deletion.

How zipx files gets corrupted?

Sometimes the software application or the utility crashes while working on the zipx files results in zipx file corruption and deletion. Header file corruption is also the main reason for zipx file corruption and deletion. Sometimes physical causes such as crashing of storage media, hardware crashing, human error, hardware malfunctioning, natural causes, and virus infections are the reasons for zipx file corruption.

How you can download the software?

Step 1:-The first thing is to download and install the repair software.

Step 2:-After installing the software an icon will be created on your desktop so that you can launch the application.

Step 3:-Now you need to browse the zip or zipx files which are corrupted and then you need to select “repair” option from the next window.

Step 4:-Now the software will start scanning process of the entire drive and will recreate a valid zip file and regenerates the compressed archive files.

Step 5:-You can just double click on the “lost files” folder to open the root zip files and also can browse the files for recovery purpose.

Step 6:-Once you click on “next” you can easily save the repaired zip and zipx file to any desired location.