Recycle Bin recovery software

The Recycle Bin offers a safety net when you are deleting the files or folders. When you delete any of the items from your hard drive, Windows places it in the Recycle Bin and the Recycle Bin icon make the changes from empty to full. Items which are deleted from a floppy disk or a network drive are permanently deleted and are not sent to the Recycle Bin. Items in the Recycle Bin remain there unless and until you permanently delete them from your system. These items still take up hard drive space and can be restored back to their original location. When it fills up, Win automatically cleans out the enough space in the Recycle Bin to accommodate the most recently deleted files and folders.

Windows allocates one Recycle Bin for each partition or hard drive. If your hard disk drive is partitioned, or if you have more than one hard disk drive in your system, you could specify a different size for each Recycle Bin. Sometimes, you may delete the files from the recycle bin due to some reasons. Then, you don’t have to panic because you can easily recover Recycle Bin with the help of Recycle Bin recovery software. Now, let’s discuss some of the scenarios that cause loss of files. They are highlighted below.

  1.  Loss of data after Recycle Bin is full: The storage capacity of Recycle Bin is 10% of hard disk storage capacity. When the Recycle Bin gets full, then it starts deleting the older files automatically leading to data loss.
  2.  Due to accidentally deleting larger files: If you delete files, whose size is more than Recycle Bin size then they bypass the Recycle Bin instead of moving to Recycle Bin. Accidentally deleting larger files might result in loss of files.
  3.  Deletion of files using combination of Shift + Del keys: Usually, files or folders can be deleted by using Shift + Del keys. If you delete the files using Shift + Del keys then those files bypass the Recycle Bin instead of moving to Recycle Bin. If you want to get rid of very large files or you don’t need those files back then you can use this method. Accidentally deleting files using Shift + Del keys might cause data loss.
  4.  Unintentionally emptying Recycle Bin: The files may be deleted from Recycle Bin by using “Empty Recycle Bin” option. If you unintentionally click on “Empty Recycle Bin” option then the files and folders which are stored in it get permanently deleted and those files cannot be retrieved using restore option resulting in loss of files.

Precautions that are to be taken in order to avoid data loss are to take backup of essential files instantly. Before clicking on “Empty Recycle Bin” option, ensure that Recycle Bin does not contain the essential files that you need. Check twice before deleting the larger files. Recycle Bin recovery software is used to recover Recycle Bin on Windows 7. It also supports FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system. You can download this software for the recovery results.