How to Restore Partition on Windows/Mac Systems?

“Are you looking for powerful application to restore partition on Windows or Mac machines? And are you bothered about how to get back lost/deleted hard drive partitions? If yes to these questions then just you need to install Restore Partition software in your computer/laptop.”

Data_Recovery-edmontonHard drive partition is a process of making one or more portion on disk or other secondary data storage gadgets. With the help of partition you can access files easily and store particular data on appropriate drive/volume. Save the different types of files including system files, photo files, executable files, games, movies, music files, Photoshop files, Excel files, video files, PowerPoint files, text documents, etc. There are many popular brands of hard drive available in market such as Hitachi, Seagate, G-Technology, Iomega, Samsung, and Sony. On occasionally, many of the Windows/Mac users accidental or intentional delete their hard drive partitions because of this they might loss huge data that are stored on the hard drive partitions on Windows or Mac machines.

In order to restore lost or deleted data from hard drive partitions you need to make use of Restore Partition utility on Windows or Macintosh systems. It is the most advanced software used to recover lost partition on different file systems like FAT32, FAT16, ExtFAT, HFS, NTFS5, HFS+, and NTFS volumes/partitions. Resume or save the recovery process by utilizing “Save Recovery Session” option to prevent repeated scanning of hard drive partition. Easily recovers files and folders from lost or deleted hard drive partitions. It is one of the easy to use utility that retrieves data from different hard drive interfaces such as IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB, etc.

Factors where partition might get delete or lost from HDD:      

  1. File System Error: Most of the people opt to change file system from one edition to another depending upon their needs. Hence, this process directly interacts with fundamentals of any partition, thus if any error occur while performing this process then it makes inaccessible of files over partition.
  2. MBR Corruption: This sort of scenario occurs when the user’s system or laptop inbuilt hard drive gets damage or corrupted. Master Boot Record plays a vital role in booting of any operating system, thus if MBR get damage then there is a more chance of data loss from the various hard drive partition/volume.
  3. Improper Shutdown: Abnormal termination of system is also one of the reason for data loss. This happens due to bunch of causes such as power failure, hardware issues, etc. When abrupt shut down happens, then partition may get damage or corrupt henceforth stored data becomes inaccessible.
  4. Error while Extending Partition: While extending the partition on Windows/Mac machines, if the specific drive/volume does not have enough memory space to perform partition process then this results in deletion of existing data.
  5. Virus/Malware Infection: Generally, hard drive partition get corrupt/damage due to virus intrusion, which makes the hard disk drive inaccessible. Most of the time virus attack because of downloading unwanted apps from the untrusted websites via internet.

Precautionary points to remember:

  • Install latest antivirus application on your Windows/Mac.
  • Highly suggest never to save any new data after deletion until you restore lost files and folders.
  • Use reliable third party tool to repartition hard drives.

Why Restore Partition?

  1. Preview the recovered files.
  2. Recovering the lost or deleted partition without affecting the destination file.
  3. Supported operating system are Windows (XP, 10, 7, Vista, 8, etc.) and Macintosh (Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, etc.)
  4. Powerful tool is used to restore partition from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 drives.