How to recover photos from compact flash card?

One of the most popular and commonly used memory cards on the market today is Compact Flash (CF) cards. Most of the popular digital camera supports form factor of CF cards. There are currently two types of CF cards i.e. Type I and Type II. Both types of CF cards have same dimensions but they differ in their widths. Type II CF card is little thicker than Type I CF card as a result Type I CF card fits into Type II connector but Type II CF card does not fit into Type I connector. Compact flash cards works like a hard drive. It has a similar file system structure and interface like standard IDE hard drives that contains boot block, master boot record (MBR) and FAT file system (File Allocation Table). The interface of CF card i.e. IDE interface communicates with digital camera using IDE controller registers. It provides basic hard drive related functions like identifying the device, reading and writing the data. If the storage capacity of CF card is larger than 32MB then they are formatted using FAT16 file system. If there storage capacity is larger than 4GB then they are formatted using FAT32 file system. Only the difference between CF card and hard drive is, CF card does not have any moving parts thus they are less prone to mechanical failures. But, logical failures may cause loss of photos in CF cards. In order to recover photos from compact flash card, you need to use effective recovery software.

Improperly ejecting CF card from the card reader, improperly formatting CF card, Virus attacks, Power failures, removing CF card when camera is ON are the various reasons that may cause loss of photos. Due to these problems you may encounter error messages like “Card read failure”, “CF card error”, “Corrupted CF card”, “Do you want to format it now?”, “CF card cannot be formatted”, “Seek errors”, “CF card unreadable” etc. When these error messages occur, then the photos become inaccessible. For instance, if your CF card displays error message like “Do you want to format it now?” then you cannot access the stored photos. If you format the CF card then all the photos stored on CF card gets deleted and new file system is created to store new photos resulting in loss of photos.

Take backup to avoid loss of photos. Always, try to  format CF card in camera. Never format it in computer to avoid loss of photos. If you have accidentally formatted your CF card then don’t use that card to avoid permanent loss.

Remo Recover (Windows) Media  Edition recovers lost or accidentally deleted photos from CF cards. This software supports both Type I and Type II CF cards. Along with photos, this software can also recognize and recover different types of files on the basis of their unique signature. This software can also recover lost photos from formatted/re-formatted CF cards. This software has an ability to recover photos from different types of memory cards like SD cards, MMC, XD cards etc. Download free demo version of this software to evaluate recovery chances.