How to recover lost partition from Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most recent version of Windows operating system released by Microsoft Corporation. Most of the users are migrating from previous version of Windows operating system to Windows 7 because of its attractive features. Win 7 users divide their hard drive into multiple partitions in order to categorize and store the files. Microsoft provides a default tool called Disk Management to partition the hard drive. Apart from Disk Management utility, users can also create multiple partitions using third party partition tools or while installing the operating system.

Sometimes Windows 7 users lose their partitions due to various reasons. Losing an entire partition leads to huge amount of data loss. In case if the files stored in lost partition are backed up then it is well and good, if not user might face severe data loss problem. Suppose if you are facing such type of problem and searching about how to restore lost partition, then you are in a right place. Your search ends here with a best possible solution to get back your files.

Windows 7 partition recovery is no more intricate as before. Until and unless there is no physical damage to your hard drive, you can restore deleted or lost partition with the help of efficient partition recovery tool. Prior to discussing how partition recovery works, it is good to know the reasons for partition loss in Windows computer.

  • There are times in which users try to re-partition their hard drive using Windows native partition tool Disk Management. While creating or deleting partitions users might unknowingly delete an essential partition which has some important files.
  • Windows operating systems are prone to virus infection. Sometimes infection of some macro virus might damages the file system. Without a file system not only a single partition, your entire hard drive becomes inaccessible.
  • Sometimes due to hard drive crash or power surge there are chances of Master Boot record corruption. Since MBR is the main key element to access all the partition, corruption of which makes your hard drive inaccessible.

Whatever might be the reason, you can restore deleted or lost Windows partition using partition recovery tool. They will scan the hard drive from which you have lost the partition and recover your files along with their names and folder structure. With an advanced scanning algorithm, partition recovery tool performs sector by sector scanning of the hard drive which will never miss a single file.

Now the question is how to choose an appropriate recovery utility, because using some false tool might leads to data loss beyond recovery. In order to avoid the use of wrong tools, it is good to evaluate the software using its demo version before use. One such trusted and popular Windows partition recovery tool is Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition. Using this tool you can restore deleted or lost partitions from SCSI, SATA and IDE hard drives. You can recover data from formatted partitions yet after re-installing the operating system. If you are looking for an advanced partition recovery tool then download Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition.