How to recover files after format?

Data loss can occur on any computer or laptop irrespective of the operating system that is used to format the hard drive on the PC or laptop. Windows or Mac operating systems are consistently prone to data loss. One of the major reasons of data loss from storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, external hard disk drives are human faults. You may also lose data when you accidentally delete data, format or delete a partition or volume. Even if you are careful in storing files, and have a backup of the important files, if there is a virus attack on the drive on which the backup is stored or the backup file may get inaccessible / corrupt.

Some reasons where you might need to format your hard drive –

There may be many reasons, which might result in formatting your drive or partition. Some of the possible reasons are as follows,

  • You must format a new hard drive in order to use it for the first time
  • When your computer or laptop does not boot the formatting may help you get rid of the problem
  • Software malfunction, system errors, bad sectors also might need you to format the drive
  • You might format the disk to get rid of virus

How to retrieve files after reformat?

If proper backup of the files that are stored on the hard drive is not taken, you may end up losing important files permanently. However, if you act immediately after losing those files without continuing to use the drive on which data loss has occurred, you can recover data from formatted partitions without any problem.

Formatted data recovery software explains you how to recover files after format and allows you recover to formatted partitions, from both windows and Mac operating systems without much effort. The software also lets you to create a disk image file of the hard drive having bad sectors, and you can later recover files from those image files.