How to Recover Deleted/Lost Video Files?

“Do you want to know how to recover deleted/lost video files? You can find a simple solution in this article. It gives you all the information on how to recover deleted/lost video files”.

Video file format contains both video and audio data in a single file .It also allows audio-with-video playback synchronization in both Windows and in Mac computers. They consist of a container format which stores video data, synchronization information, subtitles, title etc. Video file format is always stored in compressed and in simple form for reducing the file size so video files get damage quickly as compared to other file recovery

Sometimes you may accidently delete video from your device. When you delete video files from your device memory, it does not mean Video file is permanently deleted. By using Video File Recovery software, you can simply restore video files from device memory which lost due to various reasons. It helps to recover Video file format such as 3GP, QuickTime (.mov), MPEG (.mpeg, .mpg, .mpe), GIF, ASF, AVCHD, AAF, CAM, FLV, etc. It is user friendly, no deep technical knowledge is require for handling this utility. It helps to retrieve video files from all versions of Windows operating system .It can also retrieve video files from Mac computers with the help of advanced searching algorithms. It can be also use to recover lost videos from SD card like SDXC, xD, MMC, mini SD, micro SD, etc. Here’s what happens to video file deletion.

Situations that lead to deletion of video file:       

  • Accidentally deletion of necessary video file by pressing “Delete All” button while previewing Video file using digital camera or from image viewers. “Shift + Delete key” combination also delete video file permanently from your device memory.
  • Sudden crash and incorrect termination of video player may lead to the loss of video files that are in process.
  • Ejecting USB flash drive from computer, while writing a video file may lead to deletion of video file from computer as well as from USB flash drive.
  • Storing video files in flash drives that has been infected by dangerous viruses, malwares, worms or spikes may delete video files in them.
  • Frequent playing of video files with different media players may leads to the loss of the video files.
  • System error, format error, logical error, bad sectors, usage of cracked third party application, etc are the other reasons behind the deletion of necessary video files from computers.

Avoid video file loss from your computer with few simple steps

  • Avoid connecting virus affected flash drives on your computer.
  • Use damage free flash drive and memory cards for transferring and sharing Video file.
  • Ensure regular backup of your important video file on one drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, etc or in any storage device
  • Make sure that video player is closed and no video is running before you turn off computer.