Fixing your Microsoft email client after a virus attack

Computer viruses have become so sophisticated that I have come to the decision that defeating them is impossible. I cannot tell you how many times I have simply reloaded a Windows operating system on to a PC as a last ditch method of removing malware. In fact almost every major anti virus software company in the world has switched their focus from removal of the viruses to data backup and consequent recovery by means of reinstallation. Popularity of image cloning software furthers this point. Microsoft Outlook, the world’s most popular e-mail client seems to come under constant attack from these malware viruses.

Fortunately Remo Software has developed a quality Outlook backup tool that once set on a cron basis operates independently. This means that should you accidentally download a virus infected e-mail and your Microsoft Outlook inbox becomes corrupted you can simply use the Outlook backup as a kind of miniature system restore to return Outlook to its earlier uncorrupted state. Barring successful use of an Outlook backup tool you will need to use PST repair software. These programs can reduce the size of a PST file that has exceeded the 2 GB limit or repair the file creation tables within the PST file database itself. In general these Outlook repair tools are specifically designed to repair 2GB PST file damage and return the inbox to working uncorrupted condition.