Best way to convert OST to PST files

Microsoft introduced Office 2003 long back ago so as to give the user a specific environment to work with e-mail, calendars, contacts, journals and more other personal information. It’s a programmed tool to facilitates user to work with his email account offline as well as online. To enhance the features versions of office were introduced.

The versioning was launched one after the other is like Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. As these versions were introduced, the features too enhanced with versions. From Outlook 2000 to 2003 and next (versions) was the best inventions for the email client since they brought the interactive and enhanced features.

The main problem was with the size of PST files that was 2 GB that was very less and later on, it was extended up to 50 GB, eventually the corruption of files causes due to oversize PST was finished. Still some of the ways are there in which PST gets corrupted.

Offline Storage File is known as OST and PST is known as Personal Storage File. Some time we need to convert the OST to PST like to convert OST to PST on Outlook 2007 as this conversion is possible.

Like wise conversion for OST to PST on Outlook 2003 is also possible so that it can be efficiently used in Microsoft Outlook email client.

The basic reason for conversion is to make offline storage files to personal storage files. The converting tool converts emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, attachments etc from OST (Microsoft Exchange Server Offline Storage File) to PST (Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage File).

To understand the reasons for conversion we ought to know why the conversion is needed this is because OST file gets corrupted, deleted or erased. Let us have the look on scenarios in which it gets corrupted.

  • Often OST gets attack through Viruses or Trojans.
  • The server that we use is called exchange server which gets slow sometimes cause OST corruption.
  • All the data which is stored gets corrupted can be termed as database corruption.
  • Accidental shutdowns of your application while using it.
  • Software glitches cause OST corruption.
  • User account deletion done unwillingly or willingly.

These were the scenarios in which one’s data can be lost or OST gets corrupted.  So most of the time to save our OST from loss we need to convert the OST to PST. For this particular conversion of OST to PST we a tool is required which enhance your system for the conversion.

All your email emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, attachments will be converted to your PST folders and can be retrieved on the requirements. As many of the software are available on the internet with the snaps shots, so as to give the user a friendly interface in order for the conversion of OST to PST.

Download the software, install it in your PC and after following few steps your OST will be converted to PST and all your data will be secured with the password.