Best email backup tool

All your email messages, contacts (personal or professional), appointments, tasks, calendars, and almost every other aspect of your life is stored in Microsoft Outlook. To ensure that you do not lose all this significant information that is stored in the form of a pst file on the hard disk in case of a crash or some other catastrophe, it is always good to have backup copies of the Personal Folders (.pst) files.

Email backup can be done by the default options provided by the Outlook or by using thired party utilities. Simple way to Backup or copy Outlook emails, contacts and other related data is listed in the below steps.

To create a copy of your email, calendar, tasks, contacts and other information in Outlook for backup manually:

  • In Windows Explorer, go to location where your Outlook folder is stored.
  • Select all files with the extension “.pst”
  • Ensure that your selection includes “outlook.pst” and “archive.pst”.
  • From the menu, select either Edit or Copy to copy the selected pst files.
  • Select a folder in which you want to store the backup copies for future use.
  • If possible, copy them to another computer, or a removable disk like USB drive or external hard drive, or at least on a different hard drive i.e. a secure location.
  • Now paste all the copied .pst files to the selected backup location

One more way to do this is to select the pst file in Outlook and click on export and save them in a different location. Now you can easily recover deleted pst file from the available Outlook Email Backup.